Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Night Update

Here's the recap and status for now...

  • The bleeding is mostly stopped/contained
  • Evie has stayed off the ECMO
  • The doctors and nurses are not overly worried about her vitals for now
  • She's still with us!

  • Evie still has two small defects that could hamper heart function (a small VSD and a leaky valve).
  • Evie remains on a near maximum dosage of medication to maintain her blood pressure. If she struggles there is little room for them to do much else.

I don't know how well to articulate all this with written word, but we really dodged a bullet today. Going into the surgery Evie was not given very good odds and then when they still struggled to make a repair in the latter half of the surgery it seemed like "the end". We count her survival as a miracle and I think her doctors do too. The chief surgeon has always been very "matter of fact" with us and has never sugar coated Evie's status, but even he emerged from surgery very glad for the results.

For all this good news there is no getting around the fact that Evie remains in a treacherous position. Her surgeon, while happy with the results of her surgery, always is sure to remind us that "bad things could still happen." We know this, but we will still choose to be grateful. The next 48 hours will be telling. We'll update more later.


Anonymous said...

Prayer support continues from here. N Coyle

Anonymous said...

Wow what a little fighter. She is one amazing little girl. We continue in prayer for the next 48. I hope you two are taking care of yourselves through all of this. Praying for strength and rest for you. And Blessings on Evie Marie. Hang in there kiddo you are doing great! love, the Benders

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for taking the time to post these updates. It has become part of my daily routine to check my email, check facebook and then check this blog.
I have told your story to people at my work (I work at a hosptial and so they understand the seriousness of it all)
You have so many people praying for you, including many people who you have never met and may never meet you!
love and prayer for all 3 of you.

Candice Nelson (Augustson)

Cara Schroeder said...

Minute by minute....take the good and the bad...minute by minute. I am here to tell you that our Katherine Rose is running around at age 7, yet she also had weeks and months, where we didn't know if we would make it to the next minute or not. The power of prayer, faith, and love will get you through.
Paul, Cara, Grant, and Katherine Rose Schroeder.

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Matt,
About the people praying for you--all of Marvin Windows is. Everyone knows Evie's name there!
People in the plant have stopped Joe and I and told us they are praying for little Evie. Much love pours out to you and Evie. We love you guys! Joe and Julie

Anonymous said...

Matt and Nicole, Wow she has made it this far.. can anybody believe that this is anything less then a miracle? Well Aunt carol can! Keep up the faith. There is nothing but good in store for you all! Positive thoughts . Love aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

i am ss Matt and Nicole My prayers are still with you and the rest of your family. May God give you and evie the strength to get through this difficult time. Take care Janice

mrsspeech said...

I am a friend of Sue Gost. I met her when Grace and my grandaughter were in the NICU. I will keep you in my prayers. He will lift you up on eagle's wings. God please heal Evie. Bring joy to her parents now whe they have so little. God bless and keep you both.
Marion Phillips AKA Aga/Lizzie's grandma