Friday, November 30, 2007

Where we are at now

The surgery is complete. It got very hairy in there for a while. The surgeons made their fixes and when they began to warm her up to do the cardiogram and see how well it went, they discovered that her "hole" (VSD) was not closed. We were very frustrated. They were very much running out of options but they decided to go in again but through a different valve. It was a serious and scary time. The outcome: her VSD is mostly closed, she has some "leakage" between her ventricles, but her heart is functioning without the bypass machine. There is a lot of bleeding right now that the doctors are working hard to fix.

To break it down more simply: We were in a very tough situation going into surgery, we were even in a tougher situation when they had to attempt a second fix, but for her to survive and to be off the machine (for now) is as much as a realist could hope for. So this is good, but we are far far from out of the woods. Her bleeding is serious and her blood pressure is being sustained by a near maximum dose of drugs.

That is where we are at right now. We thank God that we have not lost her yet, we still fervently pray that she can overcome the many remaining obstacles. Pray that her bleeding stops and that heart function returns safely. She is still in serious danger.


Lefdawg said...

I have put you guys on many prayers lists so you have prayers all over being said for you guys! Someone whom I don't even know received a responce when she put my prayer request on her prayer request chain:

Know that Evangeline Marie is in my prayers. Also, be full of hope! The surgery that they can do today is remarkable, and each procedure is a miracle. I know: my younger brother has a teflon patch the size of a quarter in his heart from a birth defect. That was 30+ years ago, so they can do even more today. And the success from these surgeries can be complete. Tom is now a husband and father of three little girls, with only the scar down his chest to remind us that years ago, surgeons guided by our Heavenly Healer, were inside his body and repairing his heart.

Let's pray for Evangeline Marie to see her children's children!
- Deacon Jim

I hope this brings hope as I can imagine it's a little low! Please know I'm in constant prayer for Evie and you guys!

Sarah C~

Anonymous said...

Oh, a parent's pain! We are praying, praying, praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update.
Love you.
Josh and Lydia

Ang said...

Thankful that Evie made it through the surgery and praying for continued strength for her little body.

Anonymous said...

Praying that she grows stronger over the next hours and days and that you 2 get some much needed rest. Ginny O.

Mindi said...

I ache for you both. What a trying time. Know that you are prayed for and loved more than anything.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you. Thanks for keeping this going, so we all can know exactly how to pray for little Evie. -Emily and Jordan Whitten

Rebecca said...

Your blog address went out to the Harbor Covenant prayer chain. My heart ached as I read all the details from start to today's message from you all. I feel so privileged to see your transparency and your hard work to maintain faith and trust in God in the midst of this terrible, tearing time for you. Thanks be to Jesus for the supportive community surrounding you.

Lord, comfort - rest - encourage - heal.
Rebecca Crow

Patty K said...

Matt and Nicole,

Last night Andy and I were looking through The Book of Common Prayer for prayers of healing. We chose one that I thought was titled "Prayer of Healing" but after praying it and having it sound more optimistic than we felt, we realized it said "Thanksgiving of Healing." We decided it meant we were being hopeful of a good outcome today. Praise God that there are indeed things to be thankful for today!

Lord have mercy!

Maya said...

Dear Matt & Nicole,
Linnea has kindly been keeping our Bible study group informed with Baby Evie and I can honestly say that you and your family have not managed to escape my daily thoughts and prayers. Truly.

It's amazing how the Lord has used Evie's heart, broken just like all of our hearts, and has called us to worship by falling on our knees in prayer.

I know words may seem one dimensional during this time, so let's not say anything and just put our hope in our Great Physician.

Thinking of you today and everyday,

Maya (Papaya)

Susan Muller said...

Just now hearing at Harbor Covenant about Evie. Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers. What a beautiful little girl your Evie is! She's quite a little fighter. Praying for the Lord's Peace and comfort for all of you.
Sue Muller

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt & Nicole,

We are praying MUCH for your darling baby Evie...and for the two of you as well. Mike & Judy Kuriatnyk (HCC members)

Benedict Seraphim said...

My two daughters (ages 4 and 2) and I just said prayers for Evangeline Marie, as I have done myself since I first new about it from our parish's prayer chain.

Lord have mercy.