Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No News

Evie's condition has not changed much these last 12 hours. She remains on the bypass machine (its called ECMO) and the nurses and doctors spend most of the day adjusting the machine and her medications just to keep her "level". Additionally, she is now on a kind of "dialysis" just to give a little extra help to her kidneys. We are glad that she has not worsened, but it is discouraging that she is not improving as the longer she is on ECMO the greater she is at risk for brain bleed or infection.

So bad right now I just want to hear the doctors say, "She's getting better. She'll be off the machine soon. Soon she'll be awake. She's fixed. You can go home." As hard as I try to believe... it still feels like a fantasy. Its difficult to not want to give up, but Evie deserves better. If it weren't for our love for her, we wouldn't hurt this way. Because of our love for her, we have to keep hoping. Its all we can do...

We said goodbye to our parents this morning and sent them on their way. As difficult as it was for them to leave, we believe that it was necessary for them to go to be with their own communities and wait with us there in those places. Nicole and I slept at the hospital again last night. We don't anticipate leaving again tonight.

We had a few visitors today and their company was helpful. I am aware that some more are on their way tonight and tomorrow. We welcome them. We are just living here hour by hour, so we aren't very able to plan much, but if you do wish to come visit--please first give us a call to make sure we'll be around. Thank you to all.


Anonymous said...

You are all in our thought and prayers. Praying that your daughter will be healed. God is taking care of her. Shar

Anonymous said...

dear matt and nicole,
our bodies are here in washington, but our hearts are with you there. the whittens

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Matt, I feel the same way as the Whittens. I wish we could be with you and Evie.
Lydia and Josh

Nicole said...

Matt & Nicole,
We are prayering overtime for Evie!!! We wish the best for you guys!! God be with you!!!!

Anonymous said...

praying with you guys...!!!

kelsey holloway

Melissa said...

I want to say that since finding out about the situation I have been keeping you in my prayers day and night. I am sooo sorry for what you are going through and I know how hard it is for you right now. Me and Mike have been keeping up with this blog and have been feeling the love you have for your little Evie and all the love from all of us too. I can't wait to meet all of you one day especially little evie. Melissa

Anonymous said...

nicole and matt,

Joe and I have been thinking about Evie all the time. We pray for all of you all the time. Evie is fortunate to have you for parents. Joe and Julie

Anonymous said...

matt and nicole
my thoughts and prayers sre with you all. I am praying that little Evie will be healed. I know that God is taking care of little evie.

Anonymous said...

Matt and Nicole,
Our hearts go out to you, as our prayers are continually being lifted up for you and for your precious little Evie's healing. May you feel God's loving arms around you, holding you, and giving you needed strength, moment by moment.

With many thoughts, love and prayers,
Richard & Phyllis Rogers

Anonymous said...

Matt and Nicole,
We are praying for all of you. We pray for God's healing for Evangeline and for him to take care of you and your family. Please know that your church family is praying for you and love you all very much!
God Bless you,
The Kinney's