Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Your prayers are needed and appreciated

Many of you may have heard about what we are going through with Evie right now (thank you, Adrienne, for sending out that e-mail). Yesterday was by far the worst day of our 3 lives so far, but we are slowly becoming more optimistic. Here is what's happened so far:

On Sunday night we were home with her for the first time and things seemed to be normal and fine. She had a good meal at 8 pm, but was uninterested in eating after that, which concerned us. We called Swedish Covenant around 1am to see if they were concerned about this also. They explained that if she went 12 hours without wanting to eat that they would want us to come in (to make sure she wasn't dehydrated or sick). When morning rolled around and she still wasn't interested in food and was becoming increasingly lethargic we brought her to see her pediatrician. At that time, the pediatrician suggested that she go to Children's Memorial Hospital for treatment and observation as she could have an infection. They arranged a transport for her, but before that we had to take her to the ER.

In the ER, they were far more concerned about her status. Her vitals were low and she was losing her color. This began the most horrifying hours of our life. She was surrounded by many doctors and nurses who were simultaneously starting IVs, and oxygen while trying to warm her up. Before we left, she even had to be intubated. It was at this time that the doctors began to suspect that, rather than an infection, she could have a heart defect.

When we arrived at Children's Memorial Hospital and she was admited to the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit. They did an ultrasound of her heart to determine what the problem might be. They were quick to give us a general diagnosis. There are a few issues with her heart, but the basic problem is that her aorta and pulmonary arteries are in opposite spots, making it so her blood does not properly oxygenate. Fixing this will require open heart surgery.

While all this news is devastating, we are counting our miracles today. First, I am so thankful that Evie refused to eat. Had she just seemed "tired," I wouldn't have been concerned about her until much later. Thank you Evie, for helping us rookies know that you were in trouble! Second, I am thankful that our pediatrician was concerned enough to send us to the ER and then Children's Memorial. Third, we are so abundantly blessed to be in a place where a hospital like Children's Memorial exists. Their expertise, positivity, and confidence inspires us to hope. Evie has already had a preliminary "minor" surgery to open a valve in her heart to help oxygenate her blood for now (a temporary fix until her big surgery). This was done through a vein in her leg last night. It was done swiftly and had exactly the desired result that the surgeons were going for, so we are also thankful and inspired by that. She is currently stable, and according to the nurses and cardiologist, she is doing very well. We get to see her whenever we want at her bedside, where we can touch her, talk to her, and pray over her. While its difficult to see her in intensive care, we are at the same time so greatful that she has made it this far. In so many places and ages, Evie would have been long gone.

Right now Matt and I are at our apartment for a couple hours to clean ourselves and regroup. It is heartbreaking to be here without her, since everything is as we left it when we rushed out to the pediatrician not knowing the day would bring such nightmarish events. But, showers and clean clothes have been cleansing for both the body and the spirit, and we are ready to return to her refreshed.

Please pray for us this week. The surgery is tentatively planned for the end of the week (Friday?). Pray that the Holy Spirit will work within her, around her, and through the surgeons' hands to heal our little girl.


Becky said...

Nicole, Matt and Evie, I want you all to know that Ryan and I will definitely be thinking of you this weekend and praying for you.

It's a rough start, to say the least, but I know God is with you all, and will bring you through this.

*Love and hugs*

Mindi said...

Nicole, I just want you to know that I am praying for you all. I know it has to be so scary. Know that you are all loved.

Liv4the1 said...

Nicole, Matt, & Evie - Praying for you all that God will give you the strength for today. Peace.

Jason Stromstad

Anonymous said...

Matt and Nicole, i am a friend of Grandma G I feel that I know you so well.Gayle is a very good friend and we were all on pins and needles waiting for Evie to arive. I could feel the love through the computor when she was talking about you all. I am so sorry to hear that Evie is not feeling well,but i know through prayer God will be with you all. Just wanted to let you know Gayles extended family is sending out love and prayers.God Bless you all Melody

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family...truly believe that He will walk with you and already has been in this journey. May his grace be more evident by the moment in each of you. Much love, Catherine Mungai

Anonymous said...

Matt and Nicole, and Evie,
I received the announcment and exciting news of your new little girl in my NP e-mail. Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Then, I received the request for prayer and healing. I am in prayer for you all. Thank you for your witness to our loving Heavenly Father through this ordeal. I pray you both will be strengthened physically and spiritually as you love and support your beautiful daughter. God bless you!
Christie Van Zee

Lefdawg said...

My thoughts and many prayers already said for your family!

Jessica said...

Matt, I have a lot of respect for you, and it is hard for me to think of anything for me to say that you don't already know. Regardless, just remember to go to God for your help, and have faith in Him, He will always take care of you and your family. Much love- Eric Lex

Anonymous said...

At a bible study last night we read, "Be still and know that I am God." and we prayed for your little Evie and for you to feel God's arms around you.

Emily Whitten

Carla & Matt said...

Nicole & Matt, we are praying for all 3 of you, especially Evie. May God continue to give u strength & assurance of his presence.

-Carla & Matt

Anonymous said...

Matt, Nicole & Evie,

You are in our prayers right now and will continue to be in our prayers this week. As Friday approaches we will pray for all involved in Evie's surgery.

God's peace and strength to you both,
Carmen Bensink & Scott Lewis

Alyssa Dawn said...

I will be praying for all 3 of you. Keep your faith in our loving, healing God.

Alyssa Stynsberg

Angie & Greg said...

Dear Matt, Nicole, and Evie,
We are thinking about and praying for all 3 of you constantly, as we can only imagine how difficult the past two days have been! May God surround you with His love and comfort, and bring healing to Evie's heart.
Love, Angie & Greg, Tyler & Hailey

Anonymous said...

be still and know that iam god

Anonymous said...

Congrads to you Matt and Nicole. She is beautifully and wonderfully made. I hope that you all get alot of good peace and emotional relaxation with your new baby girl. I will pray for God to heal her and to use the doctors as perfected instruments for it.

mark Robe

The Friends said...

Hi Nicole, Matt and Evie -
I am a friend of your Auntie Adrienne, and read of your story through her. I am also a new mom, and I can't say that I know what you're going through - but I am thinking of all of you and am praying for Evie's recovery. Take care of yourselves and love each other lots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole and Matt Just talked to Grandma Gayle and told us the news. I want you to know that all you are in my prayers and hopefully she will have the strength to pull through.Take care all of you and will check in from time to time. God Bless you all.