Saturday, December 1, 2007

Critically Dangerous

About 3am this morning we got a call from the ICU telling us to hurry down. It was not good news. They had maxed out Evie's blood pressure medication yet her blood pressure was still dropping. The doctor was essentially telling us that Evie probably did not have much time left. We spent the morning in bitter tears as we watched and waited. Several hours passed and the morning round of doctors came. Assesing her situation, they noted that her bleeding is mostly stopped. They decided that Evie could possibly have one more chance if they put her on the ECMO machine again. We consented.

So Evie is so far stable on ECMO. The danger of the machine persists, and in addition to that we just don't know the status of Evie's organs. We'll spend the next 3-4 days giving Evie's heart some more "rest" and then next week we'll try to wean her off again. Evie has been through the ringer, and so have her parents. We're exhausted and are running low on faith. Pray for all three of us.


Adrienne said...

In addition to constant prayers for Evie, I am definitely praying for you both. I can't begin to imagine what this emotional rollercoaster is doing to you. I love you both so much and admire your strength through all of this.
Much love - Auntie A.

Anonymous said...

we're praying.
josh and Lydia

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray, and many at St. Ignatius are praying too -- I also alerted the prayer "threads" in the two Christian groups I'm involved with on "Sparkpeople" a nutrition and social networking web site I'm involved with. Jesus said if only two people agree in prayer, He would do it -- seems to me you have hundreds of people agreeing!

"Oh Lord, have mercy on little Evie Marie and heal her!"

An Orthodox prayer for the sick:
"Almighty Lord, Physician of souls and bodies, Who humble and lift up, Who reprimand and again heal, visit Evie Marie with Your mercy, for she is suffering. Stretch forth Your arm which is so full of healing and health, and cure her, raising her from her bed and pain. Reprove the spirit of weakness which is in her and drive far from her pain, wounds, chills, fever, and weakness. If she has sins or transgressions, loosen, remit and forgive them in Your love for mankind. O God, have compassion on Your creation, in Christ Jesus our Lord, with Whom You are blessed, together with the all holy, good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen

Keeping all three of you in our prayers --
Mike and Ruth Baum

Sarah said...

We're here to carry you through this. Remember that John Weborg talks about times when we need to borrow others' faith. We've got faith to share when yours is fading.

Sarah, Rolf, and Isaak

Alaina Beth said...

We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Alaina and Kennan

Sarah said...

We will continue to pray for all three of you through this tough time. We continue to have faith in Evie's strength.

The Robinson's

Anonymous said...

My prayers for you both are for wisdom, courage, strength and peace. I will add faith to the list. N Coyle

Anonymous said...

I admire your strength, courage, and honesty through all this. You and Evie are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. She is such a little fighter.

Olaf said...

never have tears come so easily as when I think of all of you and the valley you walk through. You are in our thoughts and prayers hourly.

Olaf and Kristen

Anonymous said...

Hold your healing hand over Evie's heart and heal it. You are the only one that can do it. Please let this little one go on to do your work as we all try to do. Evie needs a chance to help spread your word. In your name we pray........Amen!

Anonymous said...

Please give these parents the strength they need to get through these trying times. They need you now more than ever. Their precious little one is fighting for her life. Let them know the joy they can have watching her grow. In your name we pray........Amen

Cara Schroeder said...

We can't understand everything that comes our way, but we ask you to cradle Evie and her Mom and Dad in your hands. Our hearts cry and look to you for strenght. Lord, more than ever we understand you are how we will make it through.

Anonymous said...

We hear that little Evie is trying her best to stay here.We are sending so much love and we will continue to send our prayers your way just hang tight.God will listen to all our prayers and He will bring the three of you all the strength to get through this ordeal.
The Kings

Pete and Pat said...

We continue to pray for Evie, both of you as well as for the medical team that continues to work on your child.

Pete and Pat

Anonymous said...

We and our church, Excelsior Covenant, and many other friends are fervently praying for miracles for Evie. What can we do but abandon ourselves to God's mercy and care? We agonize with you, have faith and hope with you, and ask that God also grant you His peace in the midst of this storm. We love you three very much!

Lots of love,
Aunt Iris & Uncle Clarke

Anonymous said...

The Baum family alerted us of your situation, and I just want you to know how much your family has touched us. We have never met, but we are praying for you and your sweet little girl. Stay strong! Keep talking to her. There are lots of people praying for you, even people you dont even know!
-The Sanford Family

Anonymous said...

We continue to have faih in God's miraculous hand. We are praying.
Carmen & Scott

Anonymous said...

Matt & Nicole-

Adam and I are praying for the three of you, and ask God to give you strength and peace during this very difficult time.

Sarah (jenkins) Queen

J Yo said...

You don't know me, but my friend Jessica Andrews emailed your prayer request and a link to this blog. My heart aches for you and your new family, and you will be in my prayers often! Your baby girl is beautiful, and I will ask the Lord to heal her body and make her well. I will also ask that He continue to encourage you as you walk this hard road.

In Him,

Jessica Yost

Anonymous said...

we're with you; taking on your grief, your fear, your sadness. we'll do the lifting for you.

Anonymous said...

We think of and pray for you three constantly.

Dan and Anne

Laura said...

We're praying for you here in Colorado, that you will all have physical strength, hope, faith, peace in your hearts, and especially the knowledge that God is there... May His miracles heal your baby girl in ways that are beyond your imaginations.

Love, the LeVigne family

gavin said...

May God give you all His grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

Please know that we at Kennedy Covenant are praying for your darling baby Evie. One year ago this past week we as grandparents witnessed one of our heavenly Father's miracles in saving our granddaughter Greta. We know through prayer great and wonderful things can happen.
Fervently praying in Kennedy,
Janelle Bengtson

Jessica said...

I'm praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

May you feel His gentle hands cradling you closely to Him...just as He is cradling your sweet baby girl in her little NICU bed.

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in my prayers
kristofer rose

Anonymous said...

Amen to the Orthodox prayer. Thanks for sending it. Love you, Matt, Nicole and Evie. Julie

Anonymous said...

We have been thinking of you all a lot here and have been saying our prayers for Evie and both of you. We pray that you find your faith and strength in each other during this time and always. Just remember where there is only one set of footsteps that God is carrying you.
God Bless you all,
Karen Crabtree

Anonymous said...

Karl and I continue to pray for Evie's miraculous recovery and for "peace that passes understanding" for you both! We send out love.


Anonymous said...

You continue to be on our minds and in our prayers throughout the day. May God make His presence known to you and all who come to visit. Gene and Wanda