Thursday, November 29, 2007

A "Good" Night

ECMO is a frightening machine, but we live with a tension in that though it is so dangerous it is also so necessary to keep Evie alive. After working hard all day making adjustments to the machines and medications, last night the care team finally stabilized Evie's blood pressure and brought down her heart rate to more safe levels. When we woke up this morning we hurried over to catch the end of rounds and got another good report: she stayed stable all night. We don't understand all the details of everything, but when our care team is happy with results--we're happy with results. They will continue to make some adjustments to medication and machine to help her even more. Later today they will do another echo-cardiogram to look at the heart and after evaluating it, our surgeon will decide how soon he wants to take the next step. Nicole and I have always tried to celebrate the little victories, so we'll put last night in the "win column". Thank you, Lord. We're making baby steps, but we're far from out of the woods yet.

For Nicole and I: many people have expressed their desire to help us in some way, to bring us something. We are moved by the generosity of our community. As I said earlier, we don't always know what we'll need (outside of a cure for heart defects). What we think we'll ask of people is to look at our "wish list" and if you want to help us out with any of these things, give us a call first so we can let you know for sure that we still need them. With such a kind and generous community surrounding us, we don't want to be inundated with more stuff than we need.

Matt Needs:
2 pair clean men's athletic socks
2 pair clean boxers (xl)
Someone to pick up my guitar from Geoff Benge's Guitar Shop at 3551 N Damen (I'll work out the details with whoever wants to do this).

Nicole Needs:
1 Travel bottle of Shampoo
1 Travel bottle of Conditioner
2 pair women's athletic socks

As I said, we really recommend that you give us a call first if you want to bring us anything. We're slowly figuring things out, so we'll keep you posted of any additional needs. We are grateful for the deep care people have shown to us so far.

UPDATE: We have recieved all the things that we need for now. Thanks to you all. Evie remains stable and we will not know till later this evening anything more about her cardiograph results.


Joey said...

Hey guys, just heard the news from Ang Wysocki. We're praing for you guys, this is crazy and I'm sure just wiggin' you out. You've got support worldwide and we're all parying for your sweet little girl and for you guys too. Love n' prayers,
Joey D.

Becky said...

We continue to keep you all in our prayers, but I have to say I laughed a little at the thought that you are running around the hospital in nothing but a pair of athletic socks and maybe some boxers. At least Nicole will have clean hair, though.

I'm so thankful to hear the good news that Evie is more stable. Baby steps (no pun intended).


Becky & Ryan

Lefdawg said...

I'm so happy to hear Evie was stable through the night! She is quite the little fighter!

As I was praying for you guys in my morning offering, a thought occured to me. I don't know if you can put anything in her little area that she sleeps, but there are those teddy bears that make invertro? sounds(sounds from what the baby would hear when she/he was in the womb). If you can, I would maybe try to get one of those and put it near her so to comfort her some way if you guys can't be there to talk to her. I've hear this really works for premature babys. Maybe you have already thought of this, but I just feel so much for you guys and wish I could do way more other than praying from AZ! Please know I'm constantly thinking and pray for Evie and you both!

Love and Hugs!
Sarah C~

Aunt Carol said...

This morning sounds like a victory.I'm so happy... everytime I woke in the night I would send up an SoS to keep Evie strong and her parents too. I cant wait to meet her some day soon I hope. Yes and I agre with what Sarahc said about sounds she can hear even having your voices recorded and running it over and over... if the DR's will let you.

Sarah said...

Rolf's bringing those items to you. I don't know about the guitar, but the other stuff is on its way.

jan said...

My name is Jan Christensen and I live in Snohomish, Washington. I heard about your situation from my niece, Pam Christensen, who knows a friend of yours,Devyn Chambers. Isn't it amazing how our God gets around the whole world. He is so amazing.
We have a 25 year old daughter, Jennifer, who was born with Tetrology of Fallot. She underwent closed heart surgery at 36 hours old, pushed back in line for surgery by a more critical infant. We understand your anxiety totally. It is like yesterday. She had a repair at 18 months old. They at age 14 they put a valve in the pulmonary artery and just Sept. 12, 2007 the replaced this valve. She is a beautiful totally normal 25 year old woman. She is as close to God as can possibly be imagined. The support from family, friends, and church membership has been such an integral part of our sanity. As I read your updates I just put my hands over my face a sobbed. It is all as if it had happened yesterday. I will activate prayer on my end and send photos around. This is all that kept us going.
Advice: Keep getting good sleep. It is key. Let the doctors and nurses do what they need to and cling to each other. I will say that I took long walks in the fresh air, worked a lot of puzzles, sang praises to God for his mercy and control in the situation. If only I could give you both a hug. It will get better and these precious children turn out to be the most corageous children.
Precious Evangeline Marie, God is holding you in his gentle hands. He loves you and will care for your every need. We will be praising God and singing joyfully the day you come home to be with your mommy and daddy. Maybe someday you can meet our precious Jennifer Marie.
Jan Christensen

Anonymous said...

Matt, Nicole Praise the Lord!

Our God is so very gracious and even more powerful. I pray along with many others asking for God to show himself miracleous in healing your precious gift. All glory and honor will be due the Father. I pray also that as you wait on the divine intervention that sufficiency will reign in all that you need, spiritually and otherwise in this time of waiting. I share your joy, your pain and your sorrow but most importantly I share your thankfulness for not only your precious gift but that you have each other. I share your hope!,peace! and anticipation! expecting a gift of total healing. I pray your strength and continue to pray Gods blessings. My love to you both.
Sharon Hicks

lmbowers50 said...

Hi, My heart goes out to all of you,I know you through Gail. She and I have been friends talking and sharing are lives for years. She is like the sister I never had. Just know there are a lot of prayers going out to you and your new baby, and we all pray everything will go well for Evie and you. Matt, thank you for up dates and pics of everything, it helps us and probably you with all of this waiting.Please tell Gail I wish I could be there for her and we will continue to pray for all of you. Gail knows me by the name Lonnie