Friday, December 7, 2007

The "Trial"

This morning the ultrasound technicians joined our team of doctors to take a look at Evie's heart while they turned down the flow on her ECMO. She's been holding steady between 300-330, her heart doing ca. 1/3rd of the work. When they first started the trial, they turned her down to 250 and took a look at her heart. At first they didn't see much good function so they upped some of her blood pressure meds. Within a few minutes they saw some improved function (not superb, but some good pumping in critical spots). They left her at 250 for another 45 minutes and then came back to look a second time, this time at a flow of 150. Again the heart had that same "okay" function. Blood pressures remained good and she was stable at that flow for about an hour. With all this, the doctors said it was fairly encouraging results but that they were not yet ready to take her off ECMO. The tentative plan is to give her a few more days rest at 250 (her heart doing about 40% of the work) and then try to take her off on Monday. Each day they will evaluate her. While deep down we hoped for a dramatic turn around, we also fully understand the caution the care team wants to take. It would do Evie no favors to withdraw her from bypass sooner than she was ready. If she would not do well after being withdrawn, there is very little hope that she could go back on a third time.


Anonymous said...

God loves you so much. I know it could seem doubtful, with how He could allow these ups and downs. Just know that your love of Him pleases His heart. He knows your sorrows. He is with you. Rest in Him.

Laura said...

Evie's heart is moving in the right direction, and we're praying for a an uneventful (in a good sense) and wonderfully restful weekend, for Evie and her preicous parents. You are all in our prayers. The LeVignes

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt and Nicole,
This waiting is so very hard, but it will seem short in comparison to the time you will have with her for the rest of her life. Take good care of each other. Our prayers are without ceasing.

Luke said...

praying for all of you

stephseef said...

Joining the Jesus Creed crowd in praying for you like breathing. You are not alone.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I want to say how proud I am of my daughter Nicole, of my son in law, Matt, and especially of our beautiful little granddaughter, Evie. She has been a real fighter through all of this. This is one time we do not mind her being stubborn and strong-willed, and yes, she will get plenty of "spoiling", when she comes out of all of this. I am praying and hopeful that she will.

The blog has been just wonderful to read. It is the first thing I check every morning, and check many times throughout the day. Matt and Nicole have done a wonderful job in articulating all that has been happening.

Thanks to all the many hundreds of people who are praying for our little Evie and her parents and for
us grandparents as well. It means the world to us. I have been so uplifted reading the many comments.

Thanks to those who are setting up a fund at North Park and also to those who have been bringing Matt and Nicole snacks, clothing, bringing in food, etc. They have so many wonderful friends. I hope people will continue to visit. I know the days can get so long at the hospital.

We serve an awesome and powerful God. I am trusting He will bring us through all of this. May He continue to cradle Evie in his loving arms and surround her bed with protective angels.

Grandma Gayle

ddaffyp said...

Sorry to hear about your beautiful little girl, she is with God now and well taken care off ,and someday you'll see her again...My daughter had a little girl November the 20,2007, she was just 5lbs,11 ozs ...Her name is Samantha Marie, she is doing good and putting on weight, but only having her for a little over a month now , i can't even think of life without her...God Bless you and your family....Daphne